What services will not be covered for Empower Members?

Below is a list of services that Empower does not cover.

  • Services that are experimental or investigational in nature
  • Services that are provided by a provider that is not in the Empower network, unless Empower has given prior authorization
  • Services that are provided without a required prior authorization
  • Elective cosmetic surgery
  • Infertility care
  • Any service that is not medically necessary
  • Services provided through local education agencies
  • Extended stays in special needs facilities or nursing homes
  • Other services excluded from the PASSE:
    • Nonemergency transportation (NET)
    • Dental benefits in a capitated program
    • School-based services provided by school employees
    • Skilled nursing facility services unless it is rehabilitative in nature
    • Assisted living facility services
    • Human Development Centers (HDCs)
    • Waiver services provided to the elderly and adults with physical disabilities through the ARChoices in Homecare program or the Arkansas Independent Choices program
  • If you are unsure if a service is covered, call Member Services at 866-2611286 I TTY: 711.

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